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Grand prize includes three-month stint with Discovery Networks Asia to give
aspiring filmmakers a chance to develop their skills

Singapore, 9 May 2006 - Discovery Networks Asia, a division of real-world entertainment company Discovery Communications, today announced its second collaboration with Nokia, the world leader in mobile communications, with the launch of the Mobile FilmMakers 2006 Awards. With the first installment of the initiative completed in December 2005, the new contest – which kicks off on May 8 – gives consumers the opportunity to try their hand at mobile filmmaking, the chance to walk away with a grand prize of USD$10,000, and also a three-month stint with producers from Discovery Networks Asia.

The Mobile FilmMakers Awards initiative was launched in 2005, empowering mobile phone users everywhere with the knowledge and technology of mobile filmmaking at their fingertips and the opportunity to showcase their talent. The initiative reinvents the way people view filmmaking and adds a new dimension to the film industry, contributing to the evolution and growth of filmmaking. Using high-performance multimedia devices such as the Nokia N93 that comes with optics from Carl Zeiss, the world's leading optics company, talent in the region are now able to create their own personal high-quality mobile films. The genre of mobile filmmaking also provides those who are interested in filmmaking with a new medium through which they can bring to life their unique visions and perspectives, and showcase their films on a different platform.

Even seasoned professional filmmakers are experimenting with this new genre. The Mobile FilmMakers 2006 Awards website ( will showcase exclusive clips produced by celebrity filmmakers from Asia, as part of the mobile filmmakers gallery. Among the filmmakers featured are Ekachai from Thailand (director of 'Beautiful Boxer', which won several international awards), Kelvin Tong from Singapore (director of horror movie 'The Maid') and Bertrand Lee also from Singapore, Yasmin Ahmad from Malaysia (who won 'Best Director' at the Malaysian Film Awards for her movie 'Sepet').

Commenting on the initiative, James Gibbons, senior vice president of programming and creative services, Discovery Networks Asia, said, "The response to the First Time Mobile FilmMakers 2005 Awards and the quality of the entries received shows that anyone with basic knowledge of how a mobile phone works is able to shoot their own mobile film and capture the world around them. With Discovery's expertise in documentary filmmaking coupled with Nokia's technology leadership in imaging, we have launched a new genre in Asia – mobile filmmaking – which is revolutionizing the way content is utilized by mobile phone users. Together with Nokia, we are committed to growing and developing the genre of mobile filmmaking. As such, we will be organizing this contest annually, to continue to uncover new talent and take mobile filmmaking to greater heights."

Urpo Karjalainen, senior vice president, customer and market operations, Asia Pacific, Nokia, said, "Multimedia computers like the Nokia N93 give consumers an unparalleled experience in mobile photography and filmmaking. Regional initiatives like the Mobile Filmmakers Awards – coupled with the supporting workshops and information that participants and consumers get – prove that with the software and hardware that's built into today's camera phones, you can get an imaging and filmmaking experience that's equal to, or better, than that from a dedicated digital camera or camcorder."

"As technology keeps developing, we will continue to push the envelope in bringing consumers the best experiences they can expect from their converged devices, whether it's in filmmaking, email, imaging, or other areas," he added.

For more information on the Mobile FilmMakers 2006 Awards and how to participate, please refer to the attached Fact Sheet or log on to

  • To participate in the Mobile FilmMakers 2006 Awards, participants are invited to log on to and send in a brief written description of not more than 300 words, on “My Discovery”. “My Discovery” is a chance for participants to explore the documentary filmmaker within themselves - share unique “discovery” insights, knowledge and experiences and bring to life a “discovery moment” as it is imagined on screen.
  • The written description may also be accompanied by a maximum of five photos (in JPEG or JPG format with a maximum file size of 100K each), or a video clip not more than 30 seconds in duration (in 3PG, WMV, MOV, MPEG, or AVI format only); any commentary on the video clip should be in English only.
  • Entries may also be submitted through the Mobile FilmMakers’ Gallery which can be downloaded to selected Nokia mobile phones (Nokia N93, Nokia N90, Nokia N70, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 3230, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 7610 and Nokia 6600) via the bookmark on the mobile phone (on the phone menu, go to Services/Web, select Bookmark, then
  • The website offers a basic course in filmmaking, lesson plans, and other helpful suggestions.
  • There will also be an online forum through which applicants can ask questions and pick up more tips on mobile filmmaking from last year’s finalists, including 2005 grand prize winner Janice Yu.
  • The contest is open to individuals of legal age who are residing in the following countries: Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • The closing date for submissions is Friday June 30.
  • In the first round of the competition, 60 semi-finalists will be selected from all the entries received. These 60 semi-finalists will need to attend a workshop in July, organized by Discovery Networks Asia. Each semi-finalist will receive a Nokia N90 mobile phone.
  • In the second round of the competition, the 60 semi-finalists will be narrowed down to the best 12 contestants from the region. These 12 finalists will be flown to Singapore to attend an intensive workshop in September where they will have the opportunity to learn more about mobile filmmaking techniques from experts in the industry, and to familiarize themselves with the wide range of mobile film functions of the Nokia N93, which they will be using to shoot and submit their final entries. Each finalist will receive a Nokia N93 mobile phone.
  • The grand prize is USD$10,000 cash.
  • The grand prize winner will also get the chance to work with Discovery Networks Asia (based at the channel’s Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore) for a three-month period, during which he or she will be involved in the process of documentary filmmaking.
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