The Insider
After an intense four-month search, the hunt for the finalists of the Mobile FilmMakers 2006 Awards has finally ended! The chosen 14 aspiring filmmakers from around the region made their way to Singapore to attend an educational one-day workshop on the art of mobile filmmaking.

This workshop, conducted by experts in the field of filmmaking, offered the finalists a glimpse into the fascinating world of mobile filmmaking and allowed them the chance to polish their craft. With filmmaking insights shared by talented Singaporean filmmaker Royston Tan and veteran advertising figure Saumya Sen, the finalists learnt about the creative angle, the commercial perspective and the various techniques involved in filmmaking. This priceless knowledge will definitely come in handy for their final entry for the Mobile FilmMakers 2006 Awards.

Screening Room
Watch the mobifilms created by our talented 14 finalists and decide for yourself who is the most ingenious Mobile FilmMaker!
Speaker's Corner
The avant-garde filmmaker and the successful advertising guru. Catch Royston Tan and Saumya Sen as they share their filmmaking knowledge with us.
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