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Their filmmaking background could not be more different. One is a provocative filmmaker who creates films for artistic reasons and the other is a veteran director who creates films for commercial purposes. But both Royston Tan and Saumya Sen have something in common- they are both celebrated directors in their own right. Although they are both involved in filmmaking, their styles are totally different. Learn more about Royston's creative approach on filmmaking and Saumya Sen's commercial take on filmmaking.  
Royston Tan VS Saumya Sen
Catch Royston talking about his creative inspirations and how he feels that mobile filmmaking is the next big thing Saumya Sen shares with us his take on the commercial aspects of filmmaking and the emergence of mobile filmmaking
Royston on Royston
You've seen his provoking films, now it's
your chance to know the man behind one of Singapore's most controversial directors.
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  Saumya on Saumya
You know him as the advertising guru,
but the man behind many successful ad
campaigns is a director in his own right!
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