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Royston Tan
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The 29-year-old has been heralded as Singapore's most promising young filmmaker and the latest cult icon for Singapore. Known for his distinctive knack for cinematic narrative, original directorial style and an innate ability to connect with his audience, Royston has collected over 44 international and local film awards for his short films, documentaries and recently his feature film.

Royston's first full-length feature film "15", extended from his award winning short, charts the misadventures of teenagers on the fringe of Singaporean society. Acted by real street kids, it reveals the gritty side of modern-day Singapore life that many never knew existed. "15 won the Netpac Fipresci World critic award at the 16th Singapore international film festival, it broke the festival's record as the fastest selling local film in the history of the festival.

Royston's willingness to push the creative envelope has made him a hero to the city's independent artists. With huge cult following around the world, his retrospective show "0104", a showcase featuring all his award winning short films over the last 10 years has traveled all over the world and met with overwhelming response. In 2005, Royston Tan's second feature film "4:30" becomes the first Singapore film to be funded and co-produced by NHK Japan.

In 2006, Royston Tan "4:30" was chosen as the first domestic picture to close the Singapore International film festival.

  • 2006 Fitzroy Shorts Film Festival – Audience Prize_(MonkeyLove) (2006)
  • Geneva Black Movie Festiival- Special Mention Award_ (4:30) (2006)
  • 3rd Vladivostok Pacififc Meridian Film Festival – Best short film_(Cut) (2005)
  • Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival – Canal+ Award 2005 (CUT) (2005)
  • 10th Lyon Asian Film and Cultural Festival –15 Press award for 2nd best Film (2004)
  • Time Magazine Asian Hero Award (2004)
  • 2004 Busan Asian Short Film Festival Excellent film Award (2004)
  • Buenos Aires VI Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente (2004)
    • Signis Special Mention award for 15 – The Movie
    • Best Director award for 15-The feature
  • 16th Singapore international film festival.-Netpac Fipresci World critic award for 15-The Movie (2003)
  • Deauville Asian Film Festival –Special Jury Award For 15 -The Feature (2004)
  • 6th MVA ASEAN Director of the year-SILVER AWARD (2001)
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