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Lesson 2 - Getting Better Pictures
Lesson 2 - Mobifilm Crash School
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The advice here applies to stills and to video.
The Rule of Thirds

Have a look at almost any good photograph or painting. You'll find they have something in common – a concentration on 'thirds':

For more on the 'Golden Mean', as the ancient Greeks called it, consult Google.

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The Eyes Have It

Many of your shots will have a person or people in them. The most important part of a person is the face – and the most important part of a face is the eyes. So, when you take a picture of a person, concentrate on the eyes. Poets call them the windows to the soul!

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If your subject is alone in the picture, looking straight ahead, he or she will probably have equal space left and right.

However, if there's a plant or car or something on one side that's relevant to the person, you might well frame the shot so that he's to one side of the frame.

Some cameras show a grid that splits up the frame into thirds.

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I hope that 'flower' picture appeals; it's got something the other two don't have. Photography shows height and width, but no depth.

You can add the illusion of depth with clever lighting:

… or by showing perspective

… or by having something move from far to near.

Watch out for strange alignments!

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Experiment With Camera Position


Look out for a frame within a frame.
  Regular patterns of things or light.
  Get up early for the best light.
  And, especially for moving pictures, remember people.
  And children.
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Practice Makes Perfect

The best advice to anybody who wants to shoot better pictures is shoot a lot of pictures. Then look at them a week later.

So why don't you do just that? (It doesn't require anything to process, and your Nokia imaging device is always with you.

Happy shooting.

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