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The whole process of filming underwater using a mobile device was certainly a huge undertaking. Being an avid diver I was very excited at being able to incorporate one of my ultimate passions into this challenge. The most important thing is to determine the type of housing unit to use that is completely water tight and a good fit for my N90.

I approached my diving instructor Louie Barrios, also an underwater cameraman with the idea of renting an underwater housing unit and he introduced me to his colleague - Carina Escudero, Louie and Carina both had a number of housings for me to try, and we had to find one that would accommodate the N90 and big enough to fit my hand, for easy handling of the power switch.

After many tries, we finally decided on the Equinox Video Hi8 housing, although it was a tad too big, it gave the best results in terms of positioning and getting proper focus for the lenses. Styrofoam, old rags and lots of tape (masking tape, duct tape, double-sided tape) were vital to get the N90 positioned correctly.

Here's a tip, it's good to remove the phone strap; this is to avoid mishaps like getting the strap lodged when you close your housing, resulting in getting your phone ruined when the water seeps in. Shooting underwater wasn't as easy as it looked, it took awhile before I was able to get used to handling the unit. The test shoot in the pool went off without a hitch; the footage taken was truly amazing.

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