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Showing: Under the Sea
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  Playing with Time    
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1. Synopsis on the clip
My mobifilm shows how I rigged the Nokia N90 to shoot underwater. Before shooting I actually approached my diving instructor Louie Barrios, who’s also an underwater cameraman. We experimented on several different housing units for containing the Nokia N90 underwater for the shoot and finally settled on the best solution.

2. What inspired you to film that clip?
The inspiration definitely came from my love of diving, plus it would give me a chance, despite the limited time given, to showcase the beautiful diving destination of Anilao. I was also challenged by the theme of "My Discovery", and in a way felt that I needed to do something "groundbreaking" to get ahead in the contest.

3.Message you would like to bring across in the film?
I think that the quote I used at the start of the film is very fitting, "Discovery is seeing what other people can see, and thinking what nobody else has thought.” By challenging myself to see and think differently I was able to succeed in the game & come out on top.

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