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  Bring Colour To Your World    
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  Playing with Time    
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1. Synopsis on the clip
"Bring color to your world" – The film shows the main character starting out as a black and white image, she is bored with life till she enters the "magical" red door that leads her to a world of colours inside a paint factory. The viewer is given a fascinating glimpse of the workings inside the factory, and will also see how the main character goes through the process of bringing colour into her life.

2. What inspired you to film that clip?
The film was inspired by two major factors, the first was when I was given a tour of the paint factory and I managed to see the different areas of production. It reminded me a lot of movies like Fantasia and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The 2nd factor was getting my friend Levina to star in my film. Having known her for a long time, bringing her into this project immediately injected that fun, whimsical and musical feel that I knew she could pull off. She really brought the film to life with her infectious personality.

3. The message you would like to bring across in the film?

I want the viewer to watch the film and come away with a smile. It's just my take that we all need a little color in our lives. And you get a bonus of seeing the inner workings of the most modern paint factory in Southeast Asia.

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