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1. Synopsis on the clip
The film depicts a 360 degree turn inside the famed Quiapo church. Scenes of the main and side entrances lead to a world directly outside that is filled with activities of mysticism, paganism and superstition. On the other hand, another aspect of the turning shows the different goings-on of religiosity and worship inside the church.

2. What inspired you to film that clip?
It is fascinating to note the contrasting elements present within the confines of Quiapo Church, considered to be one of the Philippines' most important and highly influential churches.  How folk rituals and religious beliefs can co-exist side by side without contradiction from the faithful devotee.

3.Message you would like to bring across in the film?
I would like for the viewer to see the different aspects of Faith.  The one person is satisfied in quiet prayer, while another satisfies their faith through sacrificial acts  .  We are all taught as children, "Just believe and have faith". Five words that are easy to say but hard to do. As we get older, the complications of life arise and trying to grasp onto something as intangible as faith is difficult. It is in our nature as human beings to seek & crave affirmation, which is why acts of mysticism and paganism seem to address what religion and religious beliefs somehow lack. I would rather conjecture that it does not show a lack of faith in God but rather it is a local way of seeking affirmation of their entreaties to the heavens.

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