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Showing: Playing with Time
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  Playing with Time    
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1. Synopsis on the clip
The whole film revolves around the construction of a pizza, starting from the dough, chopping of ingredients, assembling the ingredients, then to the baking process and finally to when it is served and eaten. It makes a play on the different elements of time like slow & fast motion, stop motion and time-lapse throughout the entire clip.

2. What inspired you to film that clip?
I’d like for the viewer to see the potential in using different effects in one film and how effective such enhancements could bring out strong reactions from the audience. Doing this film gave me a better sense of appreciation for stop motion artists because what they do is really tedious work.

3. The message you would like to bring across in the film?
I really wanted to use a simple subject like pizza and show the many possibilities of using the mobile phone to shoot such scenes like stop motion and time lapse. I think in this day and age of technological advancement, it is all a matter of setting your mind on a task and letting your creativity and imagination soar to the limitless boundaries out there for all to explore.

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