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Showing: Sacrifice
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1. Synopsis on the clip
The story focuses on a mother who because of financial difficulty had no choice but to take a job abroad, leaving her daughter in the care of relatives. Bringing to light the sad fate that most overseas workers face that upon returning home, their children see them only as strangers.

2. What inspired you to film that clip?
Well I decided that I wanted to do a serious film, being that the last two I made were a bit on the whimsical and fun side. As enjoyable as it was to do those films, I think as a filmmaker it is important for me to give something back to society. And being able to tell the stories of the less fortunate, to show their hardships & struggles, and bring to light the reason for their many sad decisions would be my own small way of doing so.  I also wanted to tackle social issues which I think are prevalent in our present time and which affect many of us living in this part of the world.  I am hoping that the people who watch the film will be able to identify with the message that I am trying to bring across.

3. The message you would like to bring across in the film?
The message I would like to bring across is the many sacrifices people are forced to make in their lives. Whether it is for their family, for their own dreams, for their survival, each and every one of us has a story to tell about our struggles.  I hope that after watching this film, people will see overseas contract workers with increased respect, admittedly they might be earning good money abroad but we just don't realize the issues that arise for the many families that have to go through such a difficult separation.

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