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6 Things I learned when shooting a musical in a paint factory

  • Take a tour of the facility, make notes and if possible take pictures of the different areas & interesting points in the whole production process
  • Research and select a musical piece that would highlight the images seen during the tour - I was fortunate to find the Chinese Dance by Tchaikovsky, which was so perfect in terms of tempo, mood and timing!
  • Plan your storyline – Shooting the process of paint making was easy enough, it was the story behind it that proved a tad more challenging.
  • A detailed storyboard and a shooting list are crucial to ensure a smooth work flow and will avoid bothering the employees too much during shooting day
  • Listen and try to memorize your selected musical piece. Better yet, bring an MP3 player containing your song during the shoot, it will help you envision your shots more clearly.
  • Inform your contact person in the factory of your shooting day in advance, they might just schedule some wonderfully wild paint colors to be made on the date you specified.

Out of the many mobifilms I've done, this would probably be the most enjoyable one to date. I think the fact that it was a "light" topic with a whole whimsical feel rubbed off on us during the shoot. I was very happy that I took on a new challenge with the MTV-like feel on this project, and I encourage you to try it too!!

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