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Behind the Scenes:

Throwing pizza dough (slow motion) – I was very happy with the outcome of the pizza dough toss considering that my "star' has never in her life ever thrown a pizza dough before. I positioned the N90 pretty low, almost on the table, and angled it in such a way that made the dough look as if it was being tossed high up in the air. In reality she only threw it less than a foot above me. I also had someone throw some additional flour as she was tossing to give an added effect like we see on TV ads.

Chopping ingredients (fast motion) – this was a pretty easy scene to do since I just had to leave the N90 fixed at a certain position on the tripod as she was cutting. But I did alter the position when it came to the salami since an over the shoulder shot would be visually more appealing since the meat was flat unlike the other ingredients.

Assembling pizza (stop motion) – this was the scene that took longest to shoot, every single olive, pepper, salami etc. had to be painstakingly placed and with a pause to ensure the smooth flow you see on the final film. It was just a relief that with this new storyline I didn't have to deal with a "star" who would be exhausted from all the step by step sequences needed.

Taking pizza to oven (stop motion) – I have realized that when creating stop motion walks, it looks visually better when the person keeps their feet close together than if they were apart. Somehow that makes the effect more amusing.

Baking pizza in oven (time-lapse) – Having never ever baked anything with the oven door open, I had to place the N90 on a tripod and move it three feet away to ensure that it was a safe distance from the heat that would be emanating from the oven. I was lucky that my oven came with a built in lamp which allowed me to film the entire 15 minutes it took to cook the pizza with amazing results. It was so awesome to see these 15 minutes cut to less than 10 seconds using editing magic courtesy of Adobe Premiere Elements.

When I first started this entire project, I already had it in my mind to do at least one mobifilm about food.

I'm glad I was able to fulfill my dream with this personal homage to pizza.

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