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Showing: Jeepney 101
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I was a bit nervous about doing my latest mobifilm Jeepney 101, and even had second thoughts about pushing through with my chosen subject matter. To make it worse, news that a super typhoon was scheduled to hit on the weekend of our planned shoot did not make matters any better. But for some miracle the typhoon changed its course at the last minute, so I knew that it was a definite sign that Jeepney 101 had to be made. Part of my nervousness was due to the fact that we would be filming inside a constantly running jeepney, plus I have a “host” explaining the inner workings of commuting Philippine style. I knew that I would be encountering many situations beyond my control unlike my previous mobifilms where everything was somehow in a controlled environment. It was definitely a real challenge to film but hopefully my attempts at shooting live action turn out pretty well.

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