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  1. Get a good host – I was lucky to find Ronald who was very natural and comfortable in front of the camera. A week before the shoot we had talked about my plans for the film and what he would be expected to do. I even let him have a hand at writing his opening spiel which he welcomed and gave a lot of great input.

  2. I did not make a script/storyboard – I felt that preparing a script or storyboard would lose all the spontaneity that was crucial to a good “real time” movie, but a checklist of activities done inside the jeepney was prepared just so we could make sure that all the elements of riding the jeep were covered.

  3. Quick reflexes is a must – my N93 was practically on the Pause option most of the time to make sure that I was ready to record with just one push of a button should anything happen all of a sudden. There are no second takes in real time.

  4. Film more not less – one thing I have learned in movie making is that it is better to have lots of extra footage than to not have enough. Since doing this film was a major undertaking, it would be too costly to do a reshoot if not enough good footage was available.

  5. Check the weather – although Mother Nature did cooperate with us on shooting day, it was really a close call with the typhoon. Since it was extremely vital that we have good weather for this type of shoot, I was checking the extended forecasts on the internet a week before. (My backup storyline was to actually shoot all the exciting events during a super typhoon – maybe next time)
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