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Here are some tips which can be helpful when dealing with talents:

  • Make a detailed list. When the talents came we just had a short discussion on all the different scenes and gave them a quick rundown so that everyone would know the over all flow of the days shoot. This will help save a lot of time.
  • Know how to motivate your actors. This is still a skill that I need lots of help on. I have found that telling a story or giving examples are a good way of conveying what you expect of them especially when working with children. There were times when you almost had to get into character in order to get your message across.
  • Give them a copy of the storyboard It is helpful if each of the main actors got a copy of the storyboard prior to the actual shooting day. It will give them a better sense of what you are envisioning for your film.
  • Be open to suggestions As a new director, I am always open to any comments or suggestions given by my talents or my crew. I would usually start out by explaining what I would like to happen & then follow that with, "So what do you think?" and listen to their point of view before I reach my final decision. For me, filmmaking is a team effort.
  • Patience is the key. Working with inexperienced actors can at times be frustrating. The final scene of Nene where she feels devastated by her "daughters" reaction to her arrival took so many takes because Nene had some difficulty getting into character. But in the end, she was able to deliver what I wanted from her.
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